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Novel Progress

Over the last couple of days I’ve been reasonably prolific with my novel progress, writing over 3,500 words and completely rewriting my second chapter, which is based around the Mage character of Heiron.

Chapter Synopsis

In the chapter, Heiron decides to take up the offer of a local guide to show him a shortcut through the forest. This will get him back to the city in less time than the more public route, be quieter, and the guide will show and explain interesting flora and fauna along the way.

Not being overly fond of crowds, and always looking to learn new things, Heiron agrees. However Heiron is not stupid. He is to become an Arbiter – a Mage that serves as a detective for crimes involving magic. His suspicions raised, he creates a tracker spell and attaches it to the guide who pitches the deal and takes Heiron’s money. The lad runs off toward a local inn, telling Heiron his guide will be with him shortly. At least if no guide shows up, Heiron can locate the lad and get his money back.

To his surprise, a guide does indeed turn up and they set off on the path cleared through the forest. As they travel, Heiron’s suspicions are raised again as they hike and the guide misnames a type of tree. On its own, that could just be a mistake, but the guide goes on to get a couple more facts wrong. Just before they enter a clearing, Heiron’s tracker spell pings him to let him know that the lad who ran off to the inn is now just up ahead.

The lad had mentioned that the guides worked in shifts – perhaps he was to take over for the next leg of the journey, but Heiron begins to think that something else might be going on …


Heiron is an interesting character to write. He’s a young human Mage, fresh out of college (which the chapter does touch on briefly,). He’s seen by his peers and in fact by most people, as a bit of an odd duck. He has an unusual way of seeing and thinking about things that many others struggle to relate to. Some readers may relate to that, I know I do.

His particular quirks have advantages though. It means he excelled at college due to razor-sharp focus and determination to succeed at his chosen field, to an almost fanatical degree. He made his mind up to become an arbiter, then did everything he could to realise that dream and once he gets back to the city, he will be starting his new role – the “culmination of seven years worth of work.”

The Invisible College

The chapter also introduces the Invisible College, the educational establishment for Mages, run by the Magister – the Guild of Mages that also operates as government, judiciary, policing force, civil service and various other roles that permeate the administration of the city. In the world of Feld, if you want to be a Mage, you study at the Invisible College. Why would you want to? Being a Mage gives you a stable and respected choice of careers, as well as other benefits, like housing on one of the upper tiers in the city.

What’s next for Heiron? Is he walking into an ambush?

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Happy Reading!

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